Powder Coating

Powder coating is an electro-static painting process used to paint a wide range of metals from aluminum,steel,bronze,cast iron and more. First, if necessary, the metal is sandblasted. Next, the painting process begins; powdered paint adheres to the metal via an electrostatic charge. The item being powder coated is then placed into an oven and baked at 365 degrees. The resulting finish looks great and is 10 times more durable than a regular paint application!

Powder Coating
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Fiberglass Fabrication

Tiki Water Sports has and on site fiberglass factory that creates custom and original products. Our clients range from large international corporations to local individuals who need original or unique parts for their projects. Our services range from conceptualization design to finished product and every step in between. We are adroit toolers and mold builders with a complete production facility. Tiki is a one stop factory to bring your concept to life

Fiberglass Fabrication
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Tohatsu Outboard Repair

Outboard Engine Service TohatsuOur Tohatsu outboard repairs and maintenance are conducted by a Tohatsu factory certified representative. That means they have attended a training program at the factory in Texas conducted by factory service techs.

Install Water Pump Impeller Change Lower Unit Oil
Check Power Trim and Fluid Install New Engine Fuel Filter (If Needed)
Check Cooling System and Hoses Inspect Carburetor and Adjust
Inspect Steering System and Lubricate Inspect and Change Thermostat (If Needed)
Remove Propeller Change Oil and Oil Filter (4 Strokes)
Inspect Seals and Lubricate Shaft Inspect Oil Level and Hoses (D I 4 Stroke)
Inspect Shift and Throttle Cables Check Electrical System
Check Bolts Throughout Motor Replace Spark Plugs
Check Compression Replace and Clean Exterior Anodes

1 Cylinder $149 1 Cylinder $169
2 Cylinder $249 2 Cylinder $279
3 Cylinder $349 3 Cylinder $499
4 Cylinder $399 4 Cylinder $699
6 Cylinder $449 6 Cylinder $799

Hourly Rate $95.00- 1 Hour Minimum
Dry Storage

Tiki Water Sports can store your boat, trailer or vehicle on our spacious property. Weather you are a seasonal resident who needs a place for your prized possession while you are away or a local who just needs the space, Tiki Water Sports will keep your boat safe until you are ready to go. Please call ahead for availability.
Dry Dock Storage

Consignment sales

Tiki Water Sports accepts sailboats and kayaks for sale on a consignment basis. Give us a call and our experienced staff will discuss consignment arrangements with you. We have NADA books to help with recommendations regarding pricing of your sailboat.

Consignment Boat SalesConsignment Boat Sales2