Paddle Board Accessories

Paddle Board Accessories
Get the gear you need to have a fun and safe paddle boarding experience.

We all fall off our paddleboards sooner or later but your SUP won't drift too far with the SUPatx Coil leash. This leash extends to 10' but won't bunch up, troll or tangle due to the convenient coil. Using a leash also makes adventures on your paddle board safer.

SUP leashPaddle Board LeashWhy you need a leash

The Puka Patch instantly seals dings on SUP's, Kayaks, surfboards and other personal water craft. Sticks to wet surfaces and surf wax! When you get a new ding just slap one on and keep going!

Paddle Board Patch

Leaves your hands free to enjoy activities like surfing, fishing, yoga, crusing, swimming, floating and water picnics. Relax without losing your paddle.

Paddle Board Hugger              SUP hugger

Protect your investment with a SUPatx Board Bag. This universal sized bag can accommodate most size paddle boards up to 11ft. 

Easy to use, simple to install
- Holds kayak & SUP safety and securely
- Powder coated steel design
- Foam cushion protection
- 15" deep x 24" high
- Includes mounting hardware

High quality aluminium construction
- Easy fold for storage in kayak
- Holds kayak/sup & gear up to 175 lbs
- Includes two 6' tie down straps
- Suitable for canoe transport

Adjustable length
Color: Black


Contents: 2 poly foam pads, 2 extra long straps (fits cars, vans, campers and recreational vehicles), 2 medium length straps (to use with hooks) and 2 hooks

- Universal; fits most vehicles
- Quick and easy to install
- Safe for vehicle and kayak

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- Leash for the paddle board
- Length: 10'

2 Piece Kayak Paddle 235Cm OD Shaft 1.1.25?

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Bimini Top 200 Series - Improved UV Resistant Sunshade

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Bimini Top 400 Series - Improved UV Resistant Sunshade
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