Tiki Kayak

Tiki Kayak

The Tiki Waverider is a unique kayak originally designed for the surf but what it offers is and experience for paddlers of types and skill levels unmatched by any other kayak. It's stylish design resembles the surf culture of the 1960's but it's sleek hull delivers a modern high performance ride. The Tiki Waverider is excellent for all water conditions. Have more fun and look good doing it!

Made in America   Made in Florida the Sunshine State                 Surf Kayak the Tiki Waverider



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Tiki Waverider Concept

Agility, comfort, speed and leisure are all rolled up in one stylish package. The Tiki Waverider was originally designed by surfers who wanted a kayak that could catch a wave and maximize the action of the ocean. But what was created was much much more.

Agility: The amazing hull of the Waverider is designed to maneuver in the surf. Able to turn on a dime, the Waverider moves with you in the water but won’t tip you out. The result is incredible mobility regardless of water conditions.

Comfort: The single most comfortable seat back in the industry, period. The molded seat-in cockpit allows the paddler a wide zone of comfort that supports the paddling position resulting in hours of fun with less fatigue or the annoyance of a flimsy seat back. No plastic jabbing you in the back nor costly parts to lose or break.

Speed: The action of the Waverider is unmatched. Able to paddle into waves the fast, buoyant hull makes it easy to gain speed for kayakers of all skill levels.

Leisure: The perfect kayak for the non-surfer. The Tiki Waverider has found a larger audience among water lovers around the world. The agility makes the Waverider popular among anglers who enjoy hunting fish deep in the mangroves. The comfort level is popular for senior citizens,  less athletic and physically limited users. The Waverider also delivers a dry ride for those who want to experience the water without getting wet. And, let’s face it, they look cool and you’ll look good in one.

Made in America   Made in Florida the Sunshine State

Surf Kayak Tiki Waverider

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