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4-Stroke Oil Filter

For maximum protection of your 4-stroke outboard, oil filters should be replaced every 100 hours and/or every 6 months with Genuine Tohatsu Oil Filters.

Fits Tohatsu 4 Stroke 9.9, 15, 20, 25 and 30HP Motors
Fits Mercury 4 Stroke 9.9, 15, 20, 25 and 30Hp Motors

Parts - Kayak - Nylon Drain Plug 1/2" 'EAR TYPE' w/ 2 screws

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Replacement oil filter. Fits 4-stroke models from 75hp to 250hp.

Tohatsu Oil Filter


Kayak - Scupper Plug - For Sit on Kayak

Replacement 10 micron water/fuel filter. Traps over 98% of water that may be present in the fuel tank before it reaches critical engine components.

This is a replacement filter only. Fits the Tohatsu water/fuel separator filter kit (part #9999937851) sold separately.

Parts - Pedal Boat - Drain Plug 1/4" NPT - WB200/203 - Black

Parts - Pedal Boat - Paddle Blade Set - (Includes 5 Blades) - WB Series - Black

Steering Lock Kit for the 8hp & 9.8hp 4-stroke REMOTE models. 

Kit allows motor to be locked into a fixed position to allow boat to be steered using the boat's rudder.  Perfect for sailboaters that want to use their rudder to steer instead of the motor.  Kit includes installation instructions.

Caution: Once installed, the motor is locked in place and cannot be used to steer the boat unless kit is removed.

Fits 8hp & 9.8hp 4-stroke remote models only (EP or EPT models)

Tohatsu Steering Lock Kit


Parts - Pedal Boat - Pedal Pad Service Kit - Includes 2 complete pedals & hardware - Black

Tohatsu Zinc Anode Round

Parts - Kayak - Rubber Hatch Cover 10"x18" Oval
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