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Digital hour meter (BLACK face). 2 inch diameter

Manufactured by Faria Instruments exclusively for Tohatsu. Features a domed lens to minimize glare in direct sunlight, a fog & scratch resistant coating and chrome bezel.

Fits all electric start, remote models (for in-dash use only)

Easy Ryder, Comfort Cushion Seat, For All Sit-On

Use in all 2 & 4 cycle marine engines; in gasoline, gasoline/oil mixtures and ethanol blends.
  • Removes water to prevent corrosion and cleans carburetors and fuel injectors.
  • Protects engine from gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion.
  • Prolongs fuel life.

One bottle treats up to 32 gallons of gasoline.

Parts - Turbo Paddler - Wheel Complete - for TP2000

Marine grade 80W90 oil designed to help minimize rust and corrosion caused by high amounts of water contamination. Contains additives and corrosion inhibitors to protect gears and bearings subject to corrosion by water seepage. Anti-foam agents ensure lubrication to all gears and bearings.

Parts - Turbo Paddler - Bearing Hub & Hardware w/ 4 Screws - for TP2000

Tohatsu 4-stroke oil exceeds all NMMA requirements and is approved for use in all 4-stroke outboards.
  • Genuine Tohatsu Oil reduces friction/wear
  • Ensures the internal components are properly lubricated for optimum performance.
  • Tohatsu FC-W 4-Stroke Oil is NMMA Certified.


Parts - Water Bike - Split Crankshaft Bushing Set - to repair Barracuda Water Bike - (4 half pieces)

Tohatsu 4-stroke oil exceeds all NMMA requirements and is approved for use in all 4-stroke outboards.
For your 4-stroke outboard, you should use Genuine Tohatsu FC-W 4-Stroke Oil. Tohatsu 4-Stroke Oil has been specially formulated to handle the higher RPM's that outboards are subjected to as well as special rust inhibitors to combat the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment.

Parts - Kayak - Rubber Drain Plug 1/2" (Stopper)

Tohatsu Complete Advantage 2-stroke oil exceeds all NMMA TCW3 requirements and is approved for use in our TLDI models.

Tohatsu’s newly developed “Complete Advantage” 100% Full Synthetic TLDI 2-Cycle Oil provides the following benefits over our standard  2-cycle oil:

• Exceeds the NMMA TCW3 oil rating standard
• 100% Synthetic Oil with custom high-performance additive technology
• Far easier cold starting than competitive oils
• Ultimate lubricity & wear protection
• Engine cleanliness – reduced carbon and deposits
• Increased anti-wear additives for extended engine life
• Low smoke
• Outstanding corrosion & rust protection
• Tohatsu engineering tested and approved


Parts - Kayak - Clip Type II 'Grab Loop' w/ 2 screws per clip (set of 4)
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