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  • Tohatsu Part
  • Hex Nut 16mm
  • H921-90302-000
  • Uses: Control/Switch Panel/Engine Under Cover & More

Parts - Kayak - Seat Back for CK 50/100 - BLUE

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Ballyhoo boxes are custom fiberglass boxes with a smooth interior and rugged exterior designed to hold the weight of water, ice and of course ballyhoo. Boxes are built to the specifications and unique color design of each company in order that fishermen can identify their boxes on dock or at market. Personalized monogram may be built into the mold to help deter theft. Though industry specific, these boxes can be converted to live bait wells, outboard troughs or coolers by the hands of our skillful design team. Ballyhoo boxes conform to FWCC Rule:68B-56.004

Ballyhoo box

ballyhoo ballyhoo box

All dock boxes are made in The Florida Keys!

Made in America   Made in Florida the Sunshine State

  • Fits 2hp ~ 50hp 4-stroke models


Parts - Kayak - Blow Mold Seat Back with Clip # 204 - Black

Tohatsu Onboard Communications System (TOCS)

The TOCS Digital Tachometer features large lighted buttons, chrome bezel, fog and scratch resistant coating , plug & play connectors and is LED back-lit for easy viewing at night/dusk.  A user-friendly, intuitive design makes the menu easy to navigate. The TOCS multi-function tachometer connects to the CAN bus and communicates directly with the engine’s ECU. Engine data, fault codes and alarms are displayed on the LCD display (TLDI & MFS models only) and are visible even in direct sunlight.

Fits a standard 3.375 inch (85mm) instrument dash hole which makes this tachometer the perfect drop-in replacement for your current tachometer.

Applicable Models
MFS25-50hp : Serial numbers ending in AE or higher
MD40-115 TLDI : Serial numbers ending in AE or higher
All BFT models

In addition to showing the outboard’s RPM’s the gauge also features: 

  • Tilt/Trim Gauge (optional harness needed for MFS/TLDI models, part number 3KY725730M)
  • Engine Operating Temperature
  • Engine Overheat Warning
  • Engine Battery Voltage
  • Low Battery Voltage Warning
  • Over Rev. Warning
  • Engine Safety Governor Mode Warning
  • Fuel Flow Rate (Gallons Per Hour)
  • Multiple Fuel Tank Levels
  • Total Engine Hours
  • Lanyard Not Installed Warning (not available on TLDI)
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning (TLDI displays Low Oil Level Warning)
  • Oil Change/Scheduled Maintenance Notice (not available on TLDI)
  • Charging System Indicator Warning (BFT models only)
  • Water-In-Fuel Warning (BFT models only) 

The DB40 Tall Dock Box has the robust quality of our Tournament Series Box but with a flat top. This unique box is a great choice for those who need their storage box to double as a seat.

Made in America   Made in Florida the Sunshine State

Parts - Kayak - Fishing Rod Holder - Flush Mount Flange Type w/ (3 screws + 3 nuts)

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GPS enabled 70mph Speedometer - 4 inch diameter.

No external antenna required; GPS information is gathered from an internal GPS antenna. Fits a standard 3.375 inch (85mm) instrument dash hole which makes this GPS Speedometer the perfect drop-in replacement for your current speedometer. Uses a highly accurate 48 channel GPS receiver to provide speed accuracy within 1 mph.

Speed data is shown by an analog pointer. The pointer is driven by a digital stepper motor for increased accuracy and minimized pointer bounce during vessel operation.

Course Over Ground (COG) and actual heading (compass heading over ground) are displayed on the digital LCD.

Manufactured by Faria Instruments for Tohatsu. Gauge has a chrome bezel and is back-lit for easy viewing at night/dusk. Features a domed lens to minimize glare in direct sunlight and a fog & scratch resistant coating.


  • No external GPS antenna required!
  • Premium LED back-lit dial
  • LCD displays Compass Heading and Actual Heading (COG)
  • Ultra fast satellite acquisition time; 1 second from Hot Start
  • Speed accuracy of +/- 1 MPH
  • Heading accuracy of +/- 1 Degree
  • Digital stepper motor driven pointer
  • Ideal replacement for speed sensing devices, such as pitot tube and paddle wheel, that fail over time
  • Perfect for slow moving vessels where pitot tubes just don't work
  • Deutsch style weatherproof connectors
  • Harness & installation instructions included

Parts - Kayak - Seat Cushion DLX Removable w/ 4 nylon screws, 4 Brass Threaded Rubber Insert - Black

Digital hour meter (WHITE face). 2 inch diameter

Manufactured by Faria Instruments exclusively for Tohatsu. Features a domed lens to minimize glare in direct sunlight, a fog & scratch resistant coating and chrome bezel.

Fits all electric start, remote models (for in-dash use only)

Parts - Kayak - Foot Rest - Steplock Adjustable (set of 2) w/ (4 screws + 4 nuts)
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