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Like the Tohatsu Fuel/Water Separator, the new Unikas filter is designed to trap 99% of any water that may be present in the fuel before it reaches the engine. Easily installed between the engine and the fuel tank. The Unikas filter has additional features not found on our standard Tohatsu Fuel/Water Separator such as...

  • Transparent bowl with a floating O-ring to see at a glance exactly how much water has been removed from fuel
  • Drain screw located on the bowl to easily allow the operator to drain the water from the filter without needing to remove the filter
  • Kit includes a 10 micron filter & fittings/connectors
  • For use in outboards with maximum fuel flow up to 31 gallons/hour (117 liters/hour)
  • Made in Japan

Steering Lock Kit for the 8hp & 9.8hp 4-stroke REMOTE models. 

Kit allows motor to be locked into a fixed position to allow boat to be steered using the boat's rudder.  Perfect for sailboaters that want to use their rudder to steer instead of the motor.  Kit includes installation instructions.

Caution: Once installed, the motor is locked in place and cannot be used to steer the boat unless kit is removed.

Fits 8hp & 9.8hp 4-stroke remote models only (EP or EPT models)

Tohatsu Steering Lock Kit


Tohatsu Zinc Anode Round

  • Propeller Pin
  • Stainless Steele
  • Pack of 5

  • snap pin
  • Use with shift
  • Use with Drive Shaft Housing & Shift

Thermostat Gasket

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Tohatsu Lanyars with lock for use with remote &tiller.

Safety lanyard cord. Fits Nissan "NS" models and Tohatsu "M" models (except for 9.9A & 15A 4str models).  Does not fit Tohatsu "BFT" models

Tohatsu lanyard

Replacement multi-function tiller key. Key # 945

Note: This key is sold individually (1 key per package)

Tohatsu Parts Tohatsu Key


  • Tohatsu Spring
  • Use with Bracket & Reverse Lock

  • O-Ring
  • Use: Fuel System
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