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Replacement boat carryiing bag. 

Fits all models.

For floorboard carrying bag, see part # DZFLOORBAG


2 piece oar. Total length 4 ft. 6 in. 

Fits DX86, DX96 and DX104 models

Duras Oar For Duras Inflatable


Complete floorboard set for DX96 model.

Includes all 4 floorboards, aluminum stringers and carrying bag


Aluminum seat (880mm).

Fits DX86 model


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  • Aluminum seat (920mm).
  • Fits DX96 & DX104 models

Replacement repair kit.  Includes glue, 2 patches (1 tube patch, 1 hull patch), valve removal tool and plastic storage container.  This is the same kit that comes standard with every new boat.

Duras Inflatable Repair Kit

Air pressure gauge to ensure proper inflation of tubes, keel and air floors.

Fits all Duras models.

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Oar holder (32mm) for side of boat.

Fits all models

Duras Inflatable Oar Holder


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Replacment drain valve plug (plug only)

For complete drain valve assembly, see part # DZDRAINVALVE

Duras inflatable parts


Replacement oar lock cap.

Fits all models.

For complete oar lock assembly, see part #DZOARLOCK



Replacement air valve.

Fits all Duras models

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